Tire Brands

It is always nice to have choices, but sometimes the number of choices available can become a bit overwhelming. This is particularly true when it comes to things such as brands of tires, because the vast majority of people simply do not buy new tires all that often. So when it comes time to buy a new set of tires, how do people choose from among the many tire brands available? Many people go with the same brand or tire model that originally came installed on their car when they first bought it. Others buy the brand of tire with which they are most familiar. Some folks buy specialty or high performance tires from tire makers who concentrate on those areas. If tire prices are of major concern, buyers may choose lesser known brands or purchase the lowest priced tires on sale at the time. Knowing a little bit about the many tire makes and manufacturers may help you choose the right tires for your car. So rather than just presenting a list of tire brands, we have tried to also include some background information on the brands and tire models you are likely to encounter as you shop for new tires online or at your local tire stores.

Bridgestone Tires - Bridgestone is one of the largest tire suppliers in the world and a brand with which most people are probably familiar. The United States base of operations for this Japanese company is located in Tennessee. In addition to its signature Brigestone brand, the company also makes and markets the Firestone and Fuzion lines of tires.

Firestone Tires - As mentioned, Firestone is now owned by Japanese tire maker Bridgestone, but the Firestone name is still highly recognizable. The company had a lot of ups and downs from its founding in 1900 to 1988 when Bridgestone acquired them. Firestone tires have remained popular with the Firestone Destination tires selling well and Firestone truck tires being generally well regarded.

Goodyear Tires - Goodyear is one of the most recognizable tire brands in the world and Good Year tires are always very popular among consumers in the US and abroad. The company claims to be the largest tire maker in the US and number two in Europe with sixty plants spread across twenty five different countries. You can buy Goodyear tires online and have them shipped to your home or a local mechanic for installation. The Goodyear Eagle F1 all season tire and the Goodyear Wrangler RT S are two the company's most popular models. Other favorite Goodyear tires include the Goodyear Assurance TripleTred and the Goodyear Fortera TripleTred both of which feature an innovative design for good year round traction.

Cooper Tires - Cooper Tire is an American tire maker based in Ohio. The company's sales figures are much smaller than the largest of the large tire companies, but Cooper has a strong, loyal following among consumers. Cooper snow tires and Cooper truck tires such as their Cooper STT tires are quite popular and highly regarded. You can find Cooper tires online and at independent tire stores in your area.

Kumho Tires - Kumho is a Korean tire company founded in 1960. They have quickly grown to become one of the top ten tire makers worldwide by providing good value for their prices and solid all around performance.

Pirelli Tires - Pirelli is an Italian company with a US plant located in Georgia. The company mostly serves the higher end of the market. Pirellis can often be found on top sports and luxury cars. Pirelli tires enjoy more popularity outside North America. In addition to its general tire business, Pirelli is a highly diversified company with interests in businesses including broadband solutions and real estate. You can buy Pirelli tires online and have them shipped to your mechanic or a nearby auto service center for installation.

Toyo Tires - The Toyo Tire and Rubber Company is a Japanese tire manufacturer started in 1945. Toyo has been exporting tires to the United States since 1966. Their US base is located in California. Toyo has a complete line of replacement tires for passenger vehicles, light trucks and SUVs, and commercial vehicles as well.