Bridgestone Motorcycle Tires

When outfitting your motorcycle there is no more important decision to make than the tires that you will be riding on. The tires are the only contact your motorcycle will have with the road and it is critical that they provide stability for your two wheeler and a smooth ride for you.

The first thing you must decide when preparing to buy new motorcycle tires is what is most important to you. Are you interested more in tires that will grab the road or ones that will last? Unfortunately, the tires that last the longest are not the ones which will provide you with the most traction. Stiffer rubber in the tires that provide the best traction will wear out faster than the rubber used in tires with longer treadlife.

There are a number of options available for motorcycle tires. Bridgestone produces a wide variety of tires in several different sizes to match any bike. Winners of all three Supercross championships in the past year and both Motocross championships, Bridgestone is the brand that many top riders have chosen.

When purchasing Bridgestone motorcycle tires it is important to match the tire type with the bike that you have. If you are looking for a high performance sport tire then the BT002 Racing Street Tire is an excellent choice. This tire offers excellent front end contact feel and precision cornering. The manufacturer says "it was designed to provide the best performance on the road for pure sport riding." There are other tires available in the BT line that also offer excellent performance, the BT028 is standard equipment on many motorcycles when they leave the factory.

Bridgestone specializes in making replacement tires for a number of motorcycles. These brands for Honda, Kawasaki and Suzuki motorcycles are all made to the exact specifications of the tires that were on the bike when it came out of the factory. The OEM brand replacements will have the exact performance and wear time as the tires had when they were new.

There are a number of tire dealers who agree that Bridgestone makes the best motorcycle tires on the market today. They are also the choice of top Motocross riders like Valentino Rossi and Oliver Jacque who rely on them to not only reach top speeds but to keep them safe as they navigate their way around the tough Moto GP courses.