Buying Bridgestone Blizzaks

Bridgestone Blizzak tires are among the most popular and highly regarded snow tires available. The Bridgestone Blizzak line entered the North American market in the early Nineties and has been picking up loyal legions of buyers ever since. If you live in a colder climate or and are no stranger to heavy snow falls, you know first hand that Winter driving can be slippery and dangerous. It is very easy and unfortunately all too common to lose traction or control of your vehicle on icy roads and streets covered with packed snow. For many of us, driving on a daily basis regardless of the weather conditions is an absolute necessity and there is simply no way around having to drive. If you live in an area where you can expect freezing temperatures, snow storms or ice slicked roads for three months or longer, you should consider snow tires for maximum safety while driving this Winter. Bridgestone Blizzaks have earned a top flight reputation among Winter drivers and are among the top selling models of snow tire.

What makes the Bridgestone Blizzak tire so special then? Bridgestone has been known to market the Blizzaks as "The Official Tire of Winter" and based on feedback and testimonials all over the Web, there just might be some truth to that marketing slogan. If you shop for them online you will see that the reviews and comments made by consumers on the major online shopping sites are overwhelmingly positive, bordering on fanatical. The company points to innovative technology and unmatched engineering. Consumers and reviewers point to the value they deliver for the price, the superior handling they provide under treacherous Winter driving conditions and the confidence they inspire in those who run them all throughout the harshest season.

As with any snow tire, you should not use your Bridgestone Blizzak tires all year round. You do not want to drive on your snow tires too early in the Fall or too long into the Spring. Winter tires are made specifically for snowy and icy conditions so you may experience more wear and less than ideal handling if you insist on not using them exclusively for the Winter. If you adhere to this simple rule, you will extend the life of your Blizzaks and your all season tires as well. It is entirely possible to get multiple seasons of use out of snow tires as they should be good for twelve to fifteen thousand miles and you may only drive a few thousand miles each Winter.

To get the best prices on the Bridgestone Blizzak tire, shop online first and be prepared to compare costs with any local independent discount tire stores, local branches of national tire chains and big retailers that have tires for sale such as Sears. Watch for special deals as you can often find snow tires on sale before the onset of Winter. You may find that even with shipping factored in, buying new tires online still works out to be cheaper than buying them closer to home. Make sure you factor in other costs such as paying to have your new Winter tires mounted. Online tire retailers often have relationships with local garages so if you buy online, you can often have your tires shipped to a mechanic near you then get them installed when you go to pick them up.