Used Tractor Tires

If you own a small family farm or your property includes some rural acreage then you very likely own a tractor to help with the upkeep and maintenance of your land. In the course of using your tractor for digging, loader work, tilling, towing, shredding or just driving it around you may run over something that causes a flat or other extensive damage to your tires. If you have never had to replace a tractor tire before, you may be shocked at or unprepared for the cost of a replacement. Replacing tires for agricultural equipment is not as affordable or as simple as replacing tires on a car or lawn tractor. Depending on the size of the tire you need, you may be looking at anywhere from several hundred to over a thousand dollars for a single new tire. Unless you just have to have new tires or are extremely loyal to a particular tire brand like Firestone, the good news is that used tractor tires are often available from dealers and tractor supply outfits.

Used tractor tires often cost a fraction of the new tire price and a used tire in good condition can provide reliable performance for quite some time. If you have an old or antique tractor you may almost have to buy second hand tires. A good place to start your search for used tractor tires is with your local tractor dealer. Most dealers who stock new farm tractor tires and wheels also carry used. So if you inherited your tractor or the place you bought it from is out of business, look for International Harvester or John Deere tractor dealers near you. If you live in a rural area or community with multiple farms, ask around. Feed stores and supply shops or any place in the community with a bulletin board may be worth checking. Neighboring farmers may have the tire you need and be willing to sell it to you at a good price.

In terms of price, from a dealer you should be able to save anywhere from twenty to fifty percent off the cost of buying new. If you have a good or long standing relationship with your tractor dealer you may be able to haggle a little or save even more. You might even be able to get a full set of used tractor tires for the price of a single brand new rear tire. Looking online is a good option as well. You may be able to find used tractor tires on out of state dealer websites, auction sites like eBay, or classified ad sites like Craigslist or US Free Ads. Private individual sellers are quite often looking to make a quick sale or get rid of something they do not need or use so you may be able to negotiate or find a really good bargain. If you buy online, ask any questions you have before you agree to buy as you obviously will not be able to visually inspect the condition first. Also, be aware of shipping costs make sure you can be available to take delivery.

The cost of new tires for tractors and other farm equipment can be prohibitively high. In tough economic times, more people turn to used tractor tires to save money and keep their tractors going. Used tires can be significantly cheaper so the cost savings is tough to ignore. Just make sure the used tires you buy are in satisfactory condition and you should be able to get plenty of use out of them for a much lower investment.