Lawn Tractor Tires

All lawn and garden tractors come with a set of tires that may or may not be ideal for your property. After using your lawn tractor a few times, you may find that the tires do not get enough traction or you might discover that the tires are damaging your lawn. Your tires could also become damaged or just plain worn out from years of use. Whatever your needs or reasons for getting them, good replacement lawn tractor tires are available.

Lawn tractor tires come in a variety of types and sizes to fit all wheels. You should check the side of your tires or your owner's manual so you can make sure you get the right size. The sequence of numbers you see on the sidewall may contain two or three numbers. The last number on a lawn and garden tire is the rim diameter. So if you see 15 x 6.00 - 6 on the side of your tires in means your tire is 15 inches high and 6 inches wide on a 6 inch rim. If you only see two numbers, the first represents the height of the tire and the second is the rim size. Just remember that the last number is always the rim diameter.

Once you know the size, you can evaluate your needs then start looking for new tires. Most garden tractors typically come standard with a set of ribbed tires. Ribbed tires generally strike a good balance between providing decent traction and not tearing up your lawn. If your lawn is young or delicate, smooth tires may be more appropriate as they offer the highest possible level of lawn protection. If your property is hilly or has a lot of obstacles, smooth tires are most likely a poor choice. If you need maximum traction, look for tires with bigger lugs, sometimes marketed as "super turf" tires. You may also want to consider tubeless varieties as they can stand up to rougher terrain and require less maintenance than tires with tubes.

When shopping for new lawn or garden tractor tires, the most logical place to start is the tractor supply store or dealer from whom you bought your tractor. Many have common replacement parts like tires on site, but some do not. If you bought a Craftsman at Sears or a John Deere from an authorized dealer, it should not be too hard to get replacement tires even if they do not have any on hand. Lawn and garden shops or home improvement stores with large gardening sections are another possibility. If you are having a difficult time finding the right lawn tractor tires locally, buying them online is another option. Prices online may be lower than at your local dealer so search Amazon or the web before you buy, but make sure you do not forget to factor in shipping charges when comparing costs.

Whether your lawn tractor tires are worn out or you need a new type of tire in order to take better care of your yard, finding the right replacement garden tractor tire should not be too hard. Make sure you know the size you need and evaluate your needs in order to pick the best option. Compare prices locally and online before you make your final decision. Doing just a little bit of homework can make buying new tires for your lawn tractor painless and easy.