Buying Cheap Tires

A new set of tires can be a major and often unexpected expense. The price of some tires can be enough to give almost anyone a heart attack, but there is no need to panic. You do not have to buy the most expensive set of tires in order to ensure quality and safety. You do not have to go to a junkyard and get whatever used tires you can find that are round, black, and filled with air in order to save the most money either. People often use the word cheap to mean poor quality, but there is no need to automatically equate cheap tires with lesser quality. The tire industry is a multi billion dollar business with fierce competition among tire makers. The competition among discount tire stores, auto parts chains and retailers like Sears and Walmart all of whom sell tires direct to consumers is intense as well. All of this competition usually means that with just a bit of effort, you can find cheap tires for sale that will last half the life of your car or longer without putting the safety of your vehicle in doubt.

To get an idea of prices, you can start by making a note of the make and model of tires you currently have on your car or the make and model that came installed when the car was originally purchased. You can find the size and other information about your car tires in your owner's manual and on the tire placard which is usually attached to the edge of the driver side door or the glove box. You will need this information in order to make comparisons among different tires. With this information and some basic research including calling or visiting local tire shops and searching online, you can set a budget. Plan on sticking to it. When you call around or if you plan to buy tires online, make sure you find out about any extra fees or costs. Labor, mounting, shipping, disposal of your old tires, all of these things cost extra. Do not forget to factor them in as you want the total cost of replacing your existing tires before you commit to making a purchase.

To get an idea of quality, do your research online. Consumer Reports is a well known and highly trusted independent reviewer of many consumer products. They maintain a huge collection of their reviews on their website and they often review tires. An annual subscription to the Consumer Reports website is very affordable and well worth it as you will probably save money on more than just tires by following their advice. The online tire store has thousands of reviews from past customers on their website as well. Examples of top rated tires with an approximate retail price under $100 a piece for most sizes include the Hankook Optimo H727 and the Michelin Harmony.

Tread life warranties can be reassuring when you are looking for cheap tires and spending your hard earned money, but not all are created equally. Some companies like Continental Tires and Firestone offer 30 day trials on some of their tires in addition to their standard warranty. Because of the terms and conditions associated with most tread wear guarantees, many people feel they are more of a marketing tool than a great benefit to the consumer. Damaged caused by road hazards are usually not covered and in order to qualify you may have to show proof that the tires were properly maintained, i.e. balanced and rotated according to the manufacturer's recommendations. If you satisfy all of the conditions of the warranty and qualify for coverage, you will likely be offered new comparable tires from the same manufacturer of course at a discount that is prorated using the difference between the mileage guarantee and the mileage you actually got. You still have to pay the cost of installation. In short, understand the conditions of the warranty and don't automatically be swayed by it.

The keys to finding cheap tires are patience and effort. Competiton for your business often results in a wide range of prices for the same exact tires from store to store. Take your time and compare. Often, the lowest prices you will find will be from online tire sellers. Remember to factor in any associated costs when you are comparing prices. If you do your homework, you can find cheap tires for sale that fit your needs, keep you safe, last a long time and fit your budget.